Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings are produced out of a coordinated BIM model utilizing the conceptual designs and specifications. These 2D Shop Drawings are the outcome of the well-coordinated BIM process. BIM Services LLC produced shop drawings can be used to initiate layouts in the field by utilizing the information in these drawings. Information items that are part of the shop drawings provided by BIM Services include, but are not limited to:

Bottom of Pipe (BOP)/Bottom of Duct (BOD)

Top of Pipe (TOP)/Top of Duct (TOD)


Direction of Flow

Offsets Locations

Reference Notes

Dimensions from the nearest wall/column

SECTIONS/Isometric views


3D VIEWS & Details

Penetration drawings

Equipment Pad layout

Hangers and Sleeve details

Block-out locations

Trimble Field Points/Field Point Layouts

Our shop drawings have information for project stakeholders based on Product Data Submittals, Construction Documents and Specification sheets. We produce the highest quality of Shop Drawings that go through a team of quality checking experts ensuring fewer and lesser queries from the field teams.